Favicon to WordPress Website

WordPress Website – Add Favicon Last few days I was wondering :-0 how for some websites a small icon/logo gets displayed in address bar of browser. Then i started searching on google and at last I found some cool and easy…Continue Reading →

Christmas 2014 Edeka Surprise Viral Video

Christmas 2014 Edeka Surprise Viral Video Just came across one viral video. German Supermarket “Edeka” employees decided to give surprise to their customers on Christmas 2014. The music produced just from human sounds & barcode tagging is extremely great. The way they…Continue Reading →

Work From Home Benefits

Work From Home Benefits First i would like to tell you that I really like to work from home & if opportunity is given I would like to opt for the same till retirement. Really no need to mention about…Continue Reading →

Website for Yummy Recipies

Everybody like to enjoy Yummy Food. Me too !!! Well Yummly is a website that has over 500,000, yes over 5 Million recipes across the world from sources like Allrecipes, Epicurious, Food Network, Chow, Food & Wine, Martha Stewart, My Recipes, Real…Continue Reading →

Similar sites or Alternatives.

You find some websites & enjoy reading contents from the same. But over the period you start looking for the similar or alternative websites to enjoy new content. Sometimes it happens like we are searching for a particular information on one website &…Continue Reading →