Bow Tie Business in the United States

Bow Tie Business

Do you have any idea about Bow Tie? It is a type of necktie.  It consists of a ribbon fabric tied around the collar of a shirt that has two opposite ends form loops. There are various types of Ready-tied bow ties available in the US market. If we try to find out the history of Bow Tie, it comes from the Croatian Mercenaries during the period of Prussian war of 17th century. The Croat mercenaries used a scarf around the neck to hold together for opening of the shirts. This system was adopted by the upper classes in France. After that, they flourished in 18th and 19th centuries.

Most of the traditional bow ties have a fixed length which is made for a specific size of neck. Sizes can vary from 14 to 19 inches which has a comparable shirt collar. It is true that fixed-length bow ties are preferred when we worn with the most formal wing-collar shirts.

The adjustable bow ties are a new invention which helps to moderate our production costs.

When we are invited to a formal event, like our cousin’s wedding or a business programs, we can use bow tie with suits. If your girlfriend is not with you, you are wondering how you are going to tie your bow tie. Now this is the high time how to do that on your own. A bow tie goes with a tuxedo that’s why it is not a great thing which we are going to wear every day. There is a simple rule that you have to follow when you buy bow tie.

Once people used neck tie with formal dress. Now this tradition has been changed rapidly. Most of the people want to use light tie with dress. Bow tie is the solution. Now it is a question, what types of bow ties are efficient for our daily life? This question has many answers, among them I am going to discuss some of them, these are given below:

  • Plaid Bow Ties

Plaid has an interesting design. We can wear a plaid bow tie which is pretty much anything and look fine. We can wear khaki shorts, some nice leather shoes, dress shirt, good-looking glasses with a nice plaid bow tie. All Plaid bow ties have a nice design pattern. These Patterns are consisting of squares or circles. The patterns of the bow tie become bold to sharp. The best looking plaid bow ties are made from wool material. Wool made bow tie is expensive compared with others.

  • Paisley Bow Ties

This bow tie has flower type patterns which contains grooves lining around each other. They have different colorful shapes. It has neat architectural designs. All Paisley bow ties have a unique type of men’s accessory. Wearing fashionable accessories on the right occasion is most important for us. When we want a paisley look, we expect to wear different solid clothing pieces. Khaki tan pants, black vest, light pink dress shirt with a paisley bow tie with a matching handkerchief can create an amazing look.