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Miami is located on the southeast side of Florida. It is situated on the Florida Peninsula which is separated from the Atlantic Ocean by the Biscayne Bay lagoon and Miami Beach. The winter climate of this city makes it popular to tourists. It is a great holiday destination in the USA. The beaches of Miami are great tourist destination. Among them I am going to discuss some tourist destination in Miami, these are given below:

Miami Beach

It is a separate municipality from Miami city. This beach is located on an island which connected to the mainland by a series of long bridges. It is known for its popular beaches and the Art Deco District. There are pastel buildings from the 1930s sporting classic neon signs.  This beach is an expensive tourist district which has numerous beachfront restaurants, hotels, shops and plenty of sunbathing opportunities. Ocean drive is the most popular street in this area. Ocean drive is located along the oceanfront. There are some beautiful Art Deco buildings in this area. The name of the parallel Ocean drive is Collins Avenue. It is known as State Road A1A. It is the main oceanfront street in Miami Beach which is joined with many neighborhoods.  Visitors can enter in the upper end restaurants, shopping, and hotels.

Art Deco District

It brings back memories of an earlier age in Florida.  There are wonderfully restored 1930s Art Deco buildings. The pastel colored buildings display neon signs and awnings that cover outdoor dining areas. These buildings are visible from the ocean and the beach.

South Beach

It is located at the southern end of Miami Beach where tourists will see the Art Deco buildings line the waterfront road; this is the most famous and popular tourist destination of Miami Beach. In the summer season, this south beach is a popular destination for locals and tourists.  During the period of winter season, this South Beach is a popular place to stroll around.

Ocean Drive

It runs along the oceanfront in Miami Beach which is passing the historic Art Deco buildings and the famous strip of sand known as South Beach. This ocean drive is a popular place both day and night for a slow cruise and some drive by sightseeing. Most of the tourists want to visit this Ocean drive by a bus or tourist vehicle. There are some Art Deco buildings in this area.  Tourists can watch the most notable structures. These are the Beacon, the Colony Hotel, Waldorf Towers, the Breakwater, and the Cardozo. This Ocean drive is always busy on day and night. During the period of vacation, a huge traffic is occurred.

Bayside Marketplace

It is a large outdoor style mall which is attracted by many tourists. There are more than 150 specialty and tourist shops, many cafes and restaurants. Tourists can get the opportunity of daily live entertainment. Visitors will be able to find out some well known chain stores as well as many unique, one of a kind places. The marketplace draws the attraction of locals as well as tourists.

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